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These are my editioned works created between 1972 and 2012. Some basic bibliographical information is supplied here, but for more detailed information, click on the images and follow the link to the WayBack machine. More information to follow soon.

Stochastic Poetics,

Wittgenstein's Gallery
(from 1989 project), 2010

Subjective Meteorology
(from 2004 project)
, 2010

ComboMeals, 2009

Testament of Women, 2006
Druckwerk and Granary

Damaged Nature / Salvage Culture

Cuba, Brad Freeman, 2006

Damaged Spring, Druckwerk, 2003

A Girl's Life, collaboration with
Susan Bee collaboration
Granary Books, 2002

Night Crawlers on the Web
Jabbooks, 2000

Emerging Sentience
with Brad Freeman, Jabbook, 2000

Quantum, Druckwerk, 2000

Nova Reperta
with Brad Freeman, Jabbooks, 1999

Prove Before Laying, 1997

The Current Line, 1996

Narratology, 1994

OTHERSPACE: Martian Ty/opography
(produced with a grantfrom Nexus
Press) a collaboration with
Brad Freeman, 1983

History of the/my Wor(l)d, 1990

Simulant Portrait, Druckwerk, with grant from Pyramid Atlantic, 1990

The Word Made Flesh, Druckwerk, 1989

Sample Dialogue, Druckwerk, with Emily McVarish, 1989

Through Light and the Alphabet, Druckwerk, 1986

Spectacle,Druckwerk, 1984

Against Fiction, Druckwerk, 1983

Just As
published with a grant
from L.I.N.E., New York, 1983

Druckwerk, 1982

It Happens Pretty Fast
Druckwerk, 1982

Dolls of the Spirit
Druckwerk, 1981

'S Crap 'S Ample
Druckwerk, 1980

Jane Goes Out W' the Scouts
Druckwerk, 1980

Kidz, Druckwerk, 1979

Netherland: (How) So Far, 1978

Experience of the Medium, 1978

From A to Z
the Our An Bibliography

Chased Press, 1977

Chased Press, 1977

The Surprize Party
Chased Press, 1977

Twenty-six '76 Let Hers
Chased Press, 1976

Dark, The Bat Elf, 1972