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Wittgenstein's Gallery



Does a word cast a shadow? Can we conjugate an image? This project was originally produced in 1989 as an investigation of the ways specific features of language and image systems could be transferred to expose the specificity of each, but with a particular emphasis on showing the workings of visuality. Exhibited subsequently at Columbia University, and published as a Graphical Pamphlet. Available from Lulu in hardcover print on demand.

Subjective Meteorology

This project takes the metaphors and templates of conventional meteorology (fronts, pressure systems, thermal flows) and uses them as the basis of a graphical system to express states of mind and emotional life (a storm of anxiety punctuated by a series of conversational lightning strikes). Available from Lulu and also as a free eBook.

Graphical Investigations



A collection of representative images from several graphical series that explore the nature of entities, events, fragments of organic matter and studies of organic process. On Lulu and as a free eBook.

Mind Massage



A one of a kind work, unique copy, produced in Paris in 1985 and now in the collection of Ruth and Marvin Sackner, it contained a main text, and satellite books fitted into a hand-painted box. The book is a tale of possession, out of body travel, psychic experience, and other related matters. Fame, Suburban Miracles, Eusabia and the Victorians were unique books within the box along with the title work Mind Massage.




Also a one of a kind work, created in Dallas in 1988 to resemble a Neiman Marcus gift box, it contains more than a dozen smaller boxes each with a book object made from found materials and hand-painted texts. Bookscape was also produced as a published text by Potes and Poets Press, but without the special materials and graphical effects. The book is about the inadequacy of existing rhetorical forms of writing for representing the Dallas landscape.